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Since I've spoken to a very nice IRS agent about filling out a W7 as a writer, I thought I'd pass on what I found out.

He kindly took a copy of the completed W7 for me, and I have attached a PDF with comments explaining the choices as they were on my form.

I know it's tricky, that's why I asked.

I will be adding a PDF detailing the W8BEN as well, which he also showed me how to fill out.

You can download the W-7 with Comments PDF file here: [download id="7"]
(Obviously don't submit this one, it's for information purposes only!!!)


This is for INFORMATION ONLY, and I accept no responsibility for any errors. This is how MY W7 was filled out at the IRS office.

If you are looking for the OFFICIAL W-7, you can find it on the IRS Website: http://www.irs.gov
Always make sure you have the most up to date form.

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