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Regurgitating stories and other mishaps

I often see writers go "It's an old story I reworked" Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with an old story being redone — if it's done right. There is nothing worse than a ten year old story … Continue reading

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Some Updates

Hi there, thanks for popping in! How's it going? Well, you've met my cretin of a horse. He's keeping me busy — and out of pocket. First it was the shoes, then the vet…and there is no end in sight … Continue reading

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Virtual Assistants?

There is all this talk about Virtual Assistants…some good, some bad. Some say they "do everything to get your book published, from editing to publishing" Erm. I think I'll hire an editor to edit, not a VA. 🙂 Some say … Continue reading

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The Walking Wounded

My heroes (and heroines) often end up in physical fights. They tend to get bruised and battered, shot, stabbed…you name it. I'm sure many of us have the same scenarios, and usually our characters walk away and recover quickly. Well…sporting … Continue reading

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Somebody has to say it

There is a lot of self published crap out there. There. I said it. Someone had to. Yes, I said it out loud. Yes, I said "Crap". And I absolutely mean that it's utter drivel that should never have seen … Continue reading

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