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Upcoming Romance Writer Conferences (Global)

With RWA National just passed, and as everyone likes their conferences, I thought maybe I'll list a few. They are a great place to get market information, meet publishers, authors, agents and — of course — readers. So here are … Continue reading

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The Art of Chaos

Chaos is an artform. Any writer out there who doesn't plot, or plan ahead will tell you chaos usually reigns supreme when they write. I don't plot (much), so I'm very familiar with chaos. Be it in my head, or … Continue reading

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Do you write to publish, or do you write to write?

I've often wondered. There are many, many writers out there. Lots of them. Some are published authors, a lot more aren't. Some work hard to become published, for some being published is everything, and if it doesn't happen in a … Continue reading

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Meet my inner goldfish

  *points to self* Yes! I am a goldfish. At least I think I am. I couldn't tell you for sure, because really… by the time I wonder if I'm a goldfish, I have forgotten what the question was. My … Continue reading

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10 Free Tools for Writers

Times are hard. We all know about credit crunches, spending cuts and tax raises.
So I’ve looked around for some free useful Writer tools for you.

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I’m gonna write a book!

Jesus, where the hell is everybody when they first deliver the typing paper? Where are all the "helpers" when those boxes full of silence come in? Blank. Both sides. No clues, no instructions enclosed on how to take just twenty-six … Continue reading

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What’s that over there?

Distractions are the bane of my life.
Not just my writing life, but in general. It’s worse when I write, though.
Whether it’s surfing the net, or playing an online game (Bad me!), a good movie on TV, or a book I’m dying to read — it’s too easy to be distracted.
I am not the only one who has a problem staying focused, it’s a common affliction for those of us with the attention span of an average goldfish.

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