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Do Men and Women write differently?

Do men and women write differently? I believe they do, and here are my reasons why.

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Too shy shy…

So how do you tell if someone is attracted to you — and why should you, the writer, know about this?

Body language is important, even in writing.
You can convey a lot, with just their posture.

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It’s a fine line.

What's the difference between a hero, and a villain? Easy, right? The hero is the good guy, the villain is the bad guy. No. Not easy at all. We often write our heroes as guys with many faults, bad habits, … Continue reading

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It’s in the stars

Occasionally looking at the personality traits of star signs gives you a rather nicely rounded character.

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Men and Mice

An alpha is no mouse, that’s for sure. When he’s around, you know about it, you sit back and take notice.
But is it so bad to have a hero who is a mouse – err… beta?
Can’t there be some beta heroes?
Do women not like a beta?

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