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Judging a Book by the Cover

When I shop for books, my first impression of it is the cover. Sometimes I know the story already, have been waiting for it, and the cover isn't important. It's rare. Most of the time I shop for books and … Continue reading

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The Great Valentine’s Day Panic

Valentine's Day is upon us. Men are frantic. Women watch them with glee as they become more and more agitated. I work in an all male environment, and I get to see the fallout firsthand. Frantic phonecalls to the bookseller, … Continue reading

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Romance Novels are Bad for you

So it’s official — at least if you want to believe ksl.com (A Utah Publication) — Romance Readers are deviants.
It’s baaaaaad for you.
It’s as addictive as porn, apparently.
It ruins the lives of women everywhere, wrecks relationships…it probably kills the cat and hides your car keys. Continue reading

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Personal Choice

Personal Choice is important. If I know someone can't abide shifters, then I don't ask them to read books containing shifters. If I know someone likes sweet, I won't ask them to read erotica. Each to their own. I enjoy … Continue reading

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Shame on you, BBC 2

I’m miffed about the “The Books We Really Read” program on the BBC.
Or rather the researchers, who did a sterling job of getting another cup of tea, instead of doing research. Continue reading

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