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Write what you know?

Yeah, you've heard that one before. "Write what you know." That's all very well, but what I know is generally boring. 🙂 So I'll change this a little, because I think really…this is more important: "Know what you write." If … Continue reading

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The Devil Made Me Do It.

I was going to post this at the TRS Spookapalooza, but their server is down. So I'll blog it here, seeing as it's Halloween. I have a slightly controversial topic for you: Who the devil is the devil? Ah, easy! … Continue reading

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Why don’t you ask?

Ever read a book and go “What the hell are you talking about? That’s not at all what happens.”
I have. I hate it. And it makes me think “Why don’t they ask?”

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Men and Mice

An alpha is no mouse, that’s for sure. When he’s around, you know about it, you sit back and take notice.
But is it so bad to have a hero who is a mouse – err… beta?
Can’t there be some beta heroes?
Do women not like a beta?

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Assorted Monsters

Do you like Vampires? Demons? Werewolves?
I do. Well, I like the stories, not the monsters. I don’t think I’d want to ever encounter a real vampire, or get bitten by a werewolf.
Kinda not my thing, the whole blood and pain deal.
Writing about it? Sure.

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