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10 Free Tools for Writers

Times are hard. We all know about credit crunches, spending cuts and tax raises.
So I’ve looked around for some free useful Writer tools for you. Continue reading

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Assorted Monsters

Do you like Vampires? Demons? Werewolves?
I do. Well, I like the stories, not the monsters. I don’t think I’d want to ever encounter a real vampire, or get bitten by a werewolf.
Kinda not my thing, the whole blood and pain deal.
Writing about it? Sure. Continue reading

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Keeping things straight

I've travelled through the US recently, and I always carry a small moleskine notebook. (Yep, same type ole Hemingway used.) If I see something interesting, I make a note of it. Like that there is a 50% off coupon to … Continue reading

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Reference Books for Writers

I have to bitch a little, on behalf of my significant other. He stubbornly insists I should open a library, because everywhere he goes, there are books. He’s right, you know. However, I have my own pet peeve. The publishers … Continue reading

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