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Virtual Assistants?

There is all this talk about Virtual Assistants…some good, some bad. Some say they "do everything to get your book published, from editing to publishing" Erm. I think I'll hire an editor to edit, not a VA. 🙂 Some say … Continue reading

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When is too much, just…too much?

I checked my Google+ stream earlier and commented on some great posts, shared insights, helped someone with the wording of a phrase, and hooked up with four strangers. Then I checked my Facebook page. Bleh. It had book advert after … Continue reading

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Sign up required? No Thanks.

This morning, I went to comment on a guest post one of my favorite authors did on a site. Color me thoroughly unimpressed when commenting required me to sign up for an account at the site. I have two words … Continue reading

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Every link helps

I just tripped over a great site, which allows you to post backlinks in one click. Social Monkee looks pretty straightforward and useful, so I'm going to see how it goes. I figured I'll put the link here for others … Continue reading

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Social Media – Cautionary Tale

What you do on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube may not come back to haunt you — but what about family and friends? Continue reading

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