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Fix or scrap?

We writers are weird creatures. Anyone who knows us, or –God forbid– lives with us is fully aware of our little…err…quirks. There is nothing like a tormented scream coming from the back bedroom at five to midnight. Most sane people … Continue reading

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What’s that over there?

Distractions are the bane of my life.
Not just my writing life, but in general. It’s worse when I write, though.
Whether it’s surfing the net, or playing an online game (Bad me!), a good movie on TV, or a book I’m dying to read — it’s too easy to be distracted.
I am not the only one who has a problem staying focused, it’s a common affliction for those of us with the attention span of an average goldfish. Continue reading

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Kill ’em all!

Every story needs some supporting characters, but if (like me) you find yourself having ten dozen of them… well.
Give ’em the chop.
I’ve recently cut a supporting character out of a book. I didn’t want to. I like him. My readers liked him.
He had to go. He didn’t contribute anything. Originally he was the reason for discovery, he was a quirky kid who made the best of a bad situation.
Did I mention I really liked him?
I cut him dead, instead. Chopped him right out of the story and saved about 2k words, an entire chapter, and (hopefully) speeded up the pace. Continue reading

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Le Pitch

I will be pitching my novella tonight. Do I have jitters? Yeah. I’m nervous, and it’s not even close to the time to pitch. Seven hours to go, and my stomach is churning. I don’t know what to expect. I … Continue reading

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Challenge yourself

Or get challenged by a friend. It doesn’t matter what form the challenge takes. It could be wordcount. It could be a scene. It could be dialogue. It could be character description. You name it, you can make a contest … Continue reading

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