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Too shy shy…

So how do you tell if someone is attracted to you — and why should you, the writer, know about this?

Body language is important, even in writing.
You can convey a lot, with just their posture.

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Evil Overlord Rules

When we write, we all know our protagonists really, really well. We know what makes them tick, we know why they do what they do, we know how to redeem them and what will hurt them the most.
We know their black moments. We know why they are the way they are.
And that’s great. It makes the character three dimensional, makes the reader love them, be involved in the story.

Many of us aren’t as involved with our antagonists.

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I have a habit and I’m not a nun

There are different habits, different ways of doing things. None of us are the same, we all have our little quirks. Little things we like to do. What works for one person, might not work for another.

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Blogging ahead

How do you blog?
Do you blog ahead, or write week by week, day by day?

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Keeping things straight

I've travelled through the US recently, and I always carry a small moleskine notebook. (Yep, same type ole Hemingway used.) If I see something interesting, I make a note of it. Like that there is a 50% off coupon to … Continue reading

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