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Free Creative Writing Software

As NaNo is around the corner, and there will be a lot of budding novelists gearing up for it, I figured I’ll see what I can find in free creative writing software.
Yes, I said free. As in, no money needed.

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Paranoia and other foibles

Are you a paranoid writer? Here are the reasons I’m counting myself in this particular group.

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WIP Woes

It gets to all of us sometimes. You finish your current WIP — and suddenly you realize… it doesn't work. Happened to me with Smitten, on Wednesday. I was writing like a fiend, finished at 28k and was ready to … Continue reading

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New Writing Aid uploaded

Querytracker posted a great article on how to plot, so I condensed the points down, laid out the sheet ready for printing… and there you have it.
9 Steps for Plotting Fiction — all ready for you to print.

However, full credit needs to go to Cynthia Jaynes Omololu, which is where Suzette Saxton got the idea for it.

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