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Judging a Book by the Cover

When I shop for books, my first impression of it is the cover. Sometimes I know the story already, have been waiting for it, and the cover isn't important. It's rare. Most of the time I shop for books and … Continue reading

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Several Guest Blogs

I'm guest blogging again…and there are some nifty things coming up. Today I'm at Rachel Brimble's blog. Tomorrow (14th) I'm taking part in the And on the 29th-31st you can find me at the 2nd TRS Spookalooza. Also, you can … Continue reading

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Genre Hopping — no thanks

Okay, I know YA / Teen stuff is a big seller. I make no bones about not liking it. It's not for me. It leaves me stone cold. Not interested, at all. I can't be bothered to deal with teenage … Continue reading

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Review: “Bound to Moonlight” by Nina Croft

I don't often review books. (Well, not on my blog, anyway.) Bear with me. I shall explain. 😉 I had the opportunity to read Nina Croft's new release, Bound to Moonlight, today. Now, I've been a fan of Ms Croft's … Continue reading

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Guest Blogging Today!

I am guest blogging at Joanna St. James' Blog on "Evil Overlord Rules for Anthology Writers" today. Come on over, give me a really good Evil Writer Overlord Rule… and you could win a copy of Smitten! And if you'd … Continue reading

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