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Men are weird creatures

Men are weird.
I know they say the same about us women, but dayum…
I work in an all male environment. I get to see these creatures “In the wild” so to speak. Continue reading

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Enough bragging!

So here is my tip of the day for you guys out there: Buy ebooks for the women in your life.
For one thing, she’ll love you for it, if she’s a voracious reader. For another, you may pick books she’d never think of (we tend to stick to our favorites) and find some new favorites among them. Continue reading

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Do Men and Women write differently?

Do men and women write differently? I believe they do, and here are my reasons why. Continue reading

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Too shy shy…

So how do you tell if someone is attracted to you — and why should you, the writer, know about this?

Body language is important, even in writing.
You can convey a lot, with just their posture. Continue reading

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Love hurts

When I grew up, Valentines Day was about secret admirers, not about flowers and chocolates.
It was about sneaking an unsigned message to someone you fancied, someone you wanted, but who didn’t notice you. It was about letting them know someone is in love with them, without telling them who. It was up to the object of your desires and fantasies guessing it was you, and declare they felt the same about you. (Or not.) Continue reading

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