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The Walking Wounded

My heroes (and heroines) often end up in physical fights. They tend to get bruised and battered, shot, stabbed…you name it. I'm sure many of us have the same scenarios, and usually our characters walk away and recover quickly. Well…sporting … Continue reading

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Dumb Names

I have a few books on my shelf which I bought because I liked the premise. They are still on my shelf, but mainly to remind me never to buy a batch of books again without having read at least … Continue reading

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PnR or UF?

There are books that blur the lines between the two genres so much, they are practically indistinguishable. They could be either.
That’s not to say these books have failed their target market – because as far as I’m concerned, they simply bridge a gap. They often appeal to readers of both genres. Continue reading

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It’s a fine line.

What's the difference between a hero, and a villain? Easy, right? The hero is the good guy, the villain is the bad guy. No. Not easy at all. We often write our heroes as guys with many faults, bad habits, … Continue reading

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Evil Overlord Rules

When we write, we all know our protagonists really, really well. We know what makes them tick, we know why they do what they do, we know how to redeem them and what will hurt them the most.
We know their black moments. We know why they are the way they are.
And that’s great. It makes the character three dimensional, makes the reader love them, be involved in the story.

Many of us aren’t as involved with our antagonists. Continue reading

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