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Please welcome Guest Author Autumn Piper!

The first time I went to a local writers’ group meeting, someone mentioned a writing contest, with an entry deadline in two weeks. It was a week before Thanksgiving, and I had no idea what to write about, but decided … Continue reading

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Please welcome Guest Author Rebecca Rose

Writing Endings Today I’m going to be talkin’ about story endings. There are some simple guidelines with sometimes overwhelming edits to follow them. But in the end, your story will be tighter, your story more believable and your readers will … Continue reading

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Please welcome Guest Author Cristal Ryder

Today I have author Cristal Ryder with me. I asked her to tell us about some Christmas Memories. Hi there, Cristal! When I was a kid, it was about this time a package would arrive from England. It was wrapped … Continue reading

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Interrogation: Cynthia Selwyn in the chair!

Today we have another author interview, and naturally… we do it interrogation fashion. Leads her into a windowless room and locks the door. (For the readers, here is what we got) One uncomfortable beige plastic chair with a wobbly leg … Continue reading

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Interrogation: L.K. Below in the chair!

Today I'm going to do something a little different. I have Author L.K. Below with me, and she's about to be grilled. I’m going to do to her, what I do with my characters. I’ll rephrase my regular questions for … Continue reading

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