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Genre hopping

I write several different subgenres. I like (make that love) my paranormals and that’s my primary genre.
But there are times when I write something else. Like my futuristics, which have always been a love of mine. I also have the odd fantasy romance sitting on my drive. Continue reading

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Do Men and Women write differently?

Do men and women write differently? I believe they do, and here are my reasons why. Continue reading

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The next big thing…

Steampunk is a sci-fi subgenre, based in a world where the future has collapsed and silicone, plastic and any other modern technology has been replaced by — you guessed it — steam powered, clockwork driven gadgets made of brass and copper.
The world is a re-invented Victorian era, complete with long dresses, walking sticks and whatnot.
Never mind that those long skirts are held up by leather and brass buckles big enough to knock out even the most courageous mugger. Continue reading

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Oh, I swear!

Should your characters swear?
It depends on the character. What’s more, it depends on their character. It wouldn’t do to have a mild mannered 18th Century schoolmarm go effing and blinding throughout the novel. It would be out of character. Continue reading

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