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Downmarket? Really?

The Guardian recently had an article about Ebooks. You can read it here: Ebook sales are being driven by downmarket genre fiction Wow. Slamming genre fiction for selling books to the masses takes some serious guts. In a time when … Continue reading

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Do you write to publish, or do you write to write?

I've often wondered. There are many, many writers out there. Lots of them. Some are published authors, a lot more aren't. Some work hard to become published, for some being published is everything, and if it doesn't happen in a … Continue reading

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Howl Cover Reveal

I've had the final cover for Howl today. Naturally, I had to mess with it straight away and make a nice texture with it. So here it is! What do you think? (The book mockup is my doing, it won't … Continue reading

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Guest Blogging Today!

I am guest blogging at Joanna St. James' Blog on "Evil Overlord Rules for Anthology Writers" today. Come on over, give me a really good Evil Writer Overlord Rule… and you could win a copy of Smitten! And if you'd … Continue reading

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Enough bragging!

So here is my tip of the day for you guys out there: Buy ebooks for the women in your life.
For one thing, she’ll love you for it, if she’s a voracious reader. For another, you may pick books she’d never think of (we tend to stick to our favorites) and find some new favorites among them. Continue reading

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