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What are you THINKING????

I am disappointed.
And disgusted.
Why do women authors think it is acceptable to degrade women? Why do publishers let them get away with it? Continue reading

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Paranoia and other foibles

Are you a paranoid writer? Here are the reasons I’m counting myself in this particular group. Continue reading

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The Lone Scribbler

Okay. I've always been interested in communal sites for writers. Although writing is a solitary thing, we're still social creatures who like to hang out with other people. Especially people who understand about those voices in our heads without calling … Continue reading

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To snark or not to snark

The topic of this post is content, and what your content says about you, the author.

Believe it or not, it says a lot.
The topics you choose tell your readers where your mind goes to wander, where it tiptoes through fields of daisies, or tapdances through minefields. (The latter is to be avoided, you tend to end up minus some limbs.)
Personally, I prefer to tiptoe through minefields, but hey… that’s me.
The crux of the matter is this: What you post is out there for all to see. Once it’s out there, you can’t take it back. Even if you delete it, some search engine probably already archived it someplace you can’t demolish — even if you want to. Continue reading

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Web Site or…?

One of the most asked questions in my critique group (and most other places where writers linger and mingle) is “Should I have a website?”

The answer isn’t as simple as you might think.
It isn’t a simple yes or no.
In fact, it’s not the right question to ask.
The real question is: Should you have a web presence.
Then the answer is a resounding “Yes” Continue reading

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